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Joe’s Farm Supplies Limited

Exceptional performance in the export sector through dedication and quality

Joe’s Farm Supplies, previously integrated into Joe’s Farm Produce Limited, was established in 2000, in order to concentrate entirely on the export sector. Joe’s Farm Supplies is totally focused on the export of tropical farm fresh produce and fisheries products to that of numerous off-shore markets, whereby our export-based company exports many farm fresh produce products to prominent regional island countries such as Australia and New Zealand, as well as the United States of America and Hawaii.

Our established division also caters for the offshore market by supplying tropical and hydroponically grown farm fresh produce to Hakka Propriety Limited in Australia and New Zealand. In terms of buyers in these respective markets, Joe’s Farm Supplies has developed a wide base including that of wholesalers, retailers, supermarkets and superstores. Joe’s Farm Supplies has the confident requisite capacity and capability to consistently supply these aforementioned offshore buyers over the following years, whilst also strictly conforming to all the various food standards pertaining to packaging and labeling requirements in various respective markets.

At Joe’s Farm Supplies, we implement strategies, which entertain visions of aggressively building a diverse, and internationally acclaimed tropical farm fresh produce enterprise, which is to be accessed and delivered through an integrated marketing and distribution channel. We envisage that this productive and entirely feasible concept will inevitably facilitate enduring customer relationships, as well as endorse a healthy brand-name loyalty with established over seas markets. It is with this aim, we at Joe’s Farm Supplies make a longstanding commitment to the economy of the Fiji Islands. 

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