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A humble origin founded on unyielding levels of quality in products and services

Joe’s Farm Produce is a highly reputable company with a renowned household reputation widely known for its uncompromising levels of quality and service within the local and international food industry. Since its establishment in 1981, the company has evolved from a humble farm produce distribution enterprise into a vibrantly established growth entity engaged in the production, retailing, wholesaling, distribution, importing, exporting, and re-exporting of farm fresh produce, frozen goods, hydroponics products, processed/manufactured food, liquor, and general groceries.

We at Joe’s Farm Produce recognize that our success is partly attributed to our highly specialized and well-developed network of procurement, processing, packaging, marketing and distribution systems for our diverse array of quality products, and it is this attribute which has made us one of the largest retailers and distributors of tropical farm fresh produce in the southwestern Pacific region.


With 26 years of trusted experience within the local and international industry, we have built up a consolidated base centering on an advanced and qualified level of competency in our chosen field. Our senior management and staff have more than 60 years of commercial food retailing management experience, and demonstrate a sound understanding of the business.

The truly genuine Farm Fresh guarantee of quality

Joe’s Farm Produce Limited implements very high quality-control procurement standards in order to ensure that our clients and customers receive a product which is of the highest quality. Our procurement operations are conducted by our specialist buyer who abides by the following steadfast guidelines:

  • Surveys are undertaken in the local and off-shore retail markets to identify high quality products which are demanded by customers in the niche market which Joes Farm Produce operates in

  • Purchasing of new and unique products which other local supermarkets don’t transact in;

  • Product sales turnover is traced through in-built and automated inventory accounting software, which identifies frequency of turnover in the expatriate consumer products in Joe’s Farm outlets, and comparable off-shore supermarkets;

  • Local and imported meat and meat preparations, root-crops, fruits, other edible products, and manufactured food stuffs are respectively cooked, tasted, tested or strict verification tests are conducted (shelf life), before they are procured in bulk for the diverse food-retail market.

We at Joe’s Farm Supplies operate with uncompromisingly high standards, whereby we only undertake processing procedure with our procured product items if the specific food items have passed customized quality control standards during procurement. These distinct farm fresh products including fruits, vegetables, root crops, meat and poultry products, are processed administratively from various individual farmers or companies who supply us with these products at the Colo-i-Suva facility.


Our imported products are purchased after being identified by our specialist buyer, and only if all the aforementioned controls and procurement guidelines are adhered to. We at Joe’s Farm Produce are self-sufficient, whereby all our packaging operations are undertaken at our own Colo-i-Suva facility where we run our bulk freezing and cooling systems, as well as our packaging infrastructure.


All our local fruits, vegetables, and root crops which are exported, are pre-packed with our Joe’s Farm labels of quality, along with relevant consumer and storage shelf life information

Comfortable and comprehensive shopping designed with award winning aptitude

Joe’s Farm Produce Limited owns and operates a supermarket retail outlet in Tamavua which specifically caters for a range of classes in the community, from expatriates to middle and upper-strata classes. Joe’s Farm Produce’s highly differentiated range of high quality products, along with our superior and harmonious shopping environment, ideally sets a new benchmark in that of the shopping experience.


Our service orientated concept ushers in a new era for Fijian retailing, whereby our stores reflect the most modern and highest standards attainable; in terms of merchandise quality, cleanliness, strategically planned store layouts, attractively designed furnishings, and that of generally excellent retailing standards. These unimpeachable standards have also previously awarded us with the prestigious Fiji’s Exporter of the Year Award in the Farm Fresh Produce category for the years relating to 1994, 1996, and 1997.

At Joe’s Farm Produce we go to great lengths to facilitate a comfortable and safe shopping environment for you, our valued customer. The service nature of our shopping establishment principally focuses on maintaining very high standards pertaining to workplace, health, and safety polices. We also uphold mandatory regulations specifying cleanliness, staff presentation, no smoking zones, as well as providing for spacious car parking areas for customers.


We personally train our shop assistants in every aspect of our establishment, so that they may informatively tend to the needs of potential shoppers. Joe’s Farm Produce supermarkets also have in-house fire alarms and internal security protection systems, in order to guarantee the personal safety of each and every shopper.

Environmentally-friendly and sustainable initiatives-our realistic vision

We at Joe’s Farm Produce set exacting standards, which work to ensure that only the finest and most select farm fresh produce is retailed on our shelves, and we strive to do this in an entirely environmentally-friendly manner. Our business operations are entirely environmentally-friendly in nature, and this is primarily due to the inexistent harmful chemical waste disposals that emanate from our commercial food retailing activities.


Joe’s Farm Produce also realizes the increasing importance attached to environmental issues by governments and multi-national agencies, and this has therefore prompted us to take the initiative and introduce environmentally friendly commercial and agricultural business ventures under our investment portfolio. One such example of this is a new joint-venture partnership involving a hydroponics farming venture which produces very minimal effluent, and promotes the utilization of idle natural water sources and land without polluting or damaging the ecosystem, through the soil-less agro-farming process.

A large Clientele base earned through time-tested reliability

Joe’s Farm produce also imports its overseas supplies of fruits, vegetables, frozen foodstuff, meat, fish, and semi-processed and manufactured food products from Australia, New Zealand and United States through an Australian subsidiary- Dalmax International. This is done so that our customers and clients have access to only the best products which are in line with the highest international standards of quality. With such   exceptionally high standards in both products and services, it is then not surprising that a substantial percentage of our loyal customers are from that of major hotels, international cruise liners, off-shore tankers, foreign research and cargo vessels, visiting yachts, major restaurants and aviation organizations.

Our diverse assortments of local and imported products are also distributed to a plethora of major local customers, which are classified within the following categories:

  • Supermarkets and retailers

  • Hotels and Resorts

  • Restaurants and Fast-food outlets.

  • Miscellaneous sea-going vessels

  • Aviation industry

  • Government institutions-tertiary and secondary schools, hospitals, prisons, security forces, etc.;

  • Private organizations-foreign embassies, business houses, international agencies, regional bodies, etc.;

  • University of the South Pacific

  • Morris Hedstroms Limited.


Joe’s Farm Produce has efficiently and competitively supplied its local and international clientele over the last 24 years. We continue to work harder and more ardently in order to enhance the quality of our services and to broaden the scale of our operations for your added convenience.


Our objective of provisioning the competitive food demands of the free-market has proved to be a success through customer brand-name loyalty, which has been established in both domestic and foreign market destinations existing beyond our region. Joe’s Farm Produce has established marketing network systems through the various major export market destinations its services, and goes as far as to tirelessly liaise with individual suppliers to procure a specific ordered item, if it’s current farm fresh food stocks are exhausted.


We then promptly airlift or ship these export orders directly to our offshore distributors, who then deliver the required consignments to our clients for convenience.

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