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A humble origin founded on unyielding levels of quality in products and services

Joe’s Farm Produce is a highly reputable company with a renowned household reputation widely known for its uncompromising levels of quality and service within the local and international food industry.


Since its establishment in 1981, the company has evolved from a humble farm produce distribution enterprise into a vibrantly established growth entity engaged in the production, retailing, wholesaling, distribution, importing, exporting, and re-exporting of farm fresh produce, frozen goods, hydroponics products, processed/manufactured food, liquor, and general groceries.

We at Joe’s Farm Produce recognize that our success is partly attributed to our highly specialized and well-developed network of procurement, processing, packaging, marketing and distribution systems for our diverse array of quality products, and it is this attribute which has made us one of the largest retailers and distributors of tropical farm fresh produce in the southwestern Pacific region.


With 26 years of trusted experience within the local and international industry, we have built up a consolidated base centering on an advanced and qualified level of competency in our chosen field. Our senior management and staff have more than 60 years of commercial food retailing management experience, and demonstrate a sound understanding of the business.

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