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Programme Segment

General Description of Location of Installation

Access Sunlight

IMPORTANT: Please Read Terms & Conditions Below before Signing

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NOTE: Fee of $400 Per Form Registration

Account Name: Hydroscape Pacific Limited

Account Number: 9802001835

Bank: Westpac, Suva.


1.    Upon receiving official Letter of Confirmation, the necessary fees to be paid in Fijian Dollars to Joes Farm     

      CRISA seven (7) days before commencement of Training, clearly narrating Programme Segment.

2.    Each Participant to prepare his/her own stationary and other relative materials appropriate to take down

       notes. There will be no stationery provided except those that require administrative and technical data for the

       purpose of Training.

3.    No visual or audio recording of training sessions is allowed during training as visual (Clips & Videos) with   

       e-copies of presentation will be provided in USB after the Training.

4.    In the event where unforeseen circumstances where a Participant is faced with genuine predicament where

       he/she cannot attend the Training after securing a place, a “Withdraw of Registration” (WOR) can be made

       on the following basis:

a.    Withdrawal prior to commencement of Training           85% Refund of Fees

b.    Withdrawal within the first day                                              50% Refund of Fees

c.    There will be no Refund due for Participant after the first day.

d.    All Refund will be made within seven (7) days of notification.

5.    Dress code to Training will be formal but avoid over-dressing as farm visits is done on daily basis. Appropriate

        footwear is advised as farm area sometimes uncomfortable in rainy days.

6.    All materials, written and visual presented or used in the Training is copyright to Joes Farm CRISA, and

       reproduction of the same is prohibited unless written consent is given by the Management.

7.    While the Farm is at Global GAP standards, care is being applied but Joes Farm CRISA will not be responsible

       for any loss on belongings, materials and other personal possessions of Participants while in Training and on

       the Farm.



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