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Joe’s Farm Produce is a highly reputable company with a renowned household reputation widely known for its uncompromising levels of quality and service within the local and international food industry

What Our Clients are Saying

Joes Farm’s excellent work helped us understand what drives profit in the food and beverage section of our hotel chain.  Their ability to provide us with such high quality standards of produce at competitive rates makes them our top supplier of.

It’s rare to find a business partner that’s capable of delivering time and time again.  Joes Farm has managed to do this over several years now, and throughout this time has become an increasingly valuable business partner.

Joes Farm is proud to announce the launch of our Corporate Website. 


It was a logical step in the evolution of our business, since we are no longer merely a farm produce distributor.  We supply most of the resorts around Fiji including Sheraton Fiji, the Shangri La Hotel; to name a couple, with our products.  We also supply international seafaring vessels with the supplies they need for their long voyages.

We have also diversified into other business such as those featured on our Associated Businesses Page.  Overall, it made great business sense for us to venture online in order for us to continue to serve our expanding customer base.

Seafarers such as container vessels, fishing boats and yachts come into Fiji everyday for a number of reasons.  One fact is certain, they all need to resupply when they get here.  Being the ‘Hub’ of the Pacific, Fiji is the ideal stopping point for vessels sailing the ‘Great Ocean’ and has been so since the first whalers entered the Pacific.

Joes Farm understands what is means to deliver fresh produce and quality products within a limited time.  We cater for the needs of many seafarers that do not have the luxuries of waiting to resupply for long periods of time.  Our ability to meet deadlines, while still providing the highest quality produce makes us the logical choice for any sea voyager coming to Fiji with the intent to replenish their stocks.

We can tend to the needs of all seafarers in all three of the major ports of call in Fiji.  These are, Suva, Lautoka and Savusavu.  So whether you sail a shipping vessel, fishing boat or yacht, contact us on our Contact Us Page and find out just how convenient it is to do business with us.

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