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After successfully trading for more than two decades, Joe’s Farm Produce has also established several other companies as subsidiaries of its main parent company. Our organization intends to confidently solidify its grip on the market segment that it operates under by developing technologically advanced up-market retailing outlets under a franchise scheme, while also maintaining its dominance on the food exports market through continuous improvements in product quality. We also endeavor to introduce high-tech food preservation technology, and incorporate cutting edge food packaging and labeling infrastructure into the fold, whilst also drawing up and implementing prospective plans to expand our export market base into other parts of the world.


The food market which Joe’s Farm Produce Limited is engaged in has increasingly gained more impetus and significance in the past few years when compared against the food industries actual aggregates. Joe’s Farm Produce is gradually getting into value-added food processing and hydroponics farming initiatives to mitigate the huge import bills that are generally generated within this industry annually. This is the thrust of our visionary expansion direction, and will be enthusiastically undertaken by us through our strategic alliances with corporate and private investors in Fiji and on the international scale. We also understand that our establishment and future expansion developments in Fiji will inevitably supplement and fortify the economy through the promotion of employment creation, foreign income generation, foreign investment and technology flow, and desired self-sufficiency objectives.


Joe’s Farm Supplies Limited

Exceptional performance in the export sector through dedication and quality

Joe’s Farm Supplies, previously integrated into Joe’s Farm Produce Limited, was established in 2000, in order to concentrate entirely on the export sector. Joe’s Farm Supplies is totally focused on the export of tropical farm fresh produce and fisheries products to that of numerous off-shore markets, whereby our export-based company exports many farm fresh produce products to prominent regional island countries such as Australia and New Zealand, as well as the United States of America and Hawaii.

Our established division also caters for the offshore market by supplying tropical and hydroponically grown farm fresh produce to Hakka Propriety Limited in Australia and New Zealand. In terms of buyers in these respective markets, Joe’s Farm Supplies has developed a wide base including that of wholesalers, retailers, supermarkets and superstores. Joe’s Farm Supplies has the confident requisite capacity and capability to consistently supply these aforementioned offshore buyers over the following years, whilst also strictly conforming to all the various food standards pertaining to packaging and labeling requirements in various respective markets.

At Joe’s Farm Supplies, we implement strategies, which entertain visions of aggressively building a diverse, and internationally acclaimed tropical farm fresh produce enterprise, which is to be accessed and delivered through an integrated marketing and distribution channel. We envisage that this productive and entirely feasible concept will inevitably facilitate enduring customer relationships, as well as endorse a healthy brand-name loyalty with established over seas markets. It is with this aim, we at Joe’s Farm Supplies make a longstanding commitment to the economy of the Fiji Islands. 


Hydroscape (Pacific) Limited


Getting down to earth with your needs

·         Commercial/residential landscaping

·         Qualified project layout consultants

·         Irrigation options and solution

·         Customized a-frame structure construction

·         Residential/commercial supplier of fertilizer, nutrients, seedling and plants

joes1.jpgHydroscope (pacific) limited brings a unique approach to the hydroponics, landscaping construction and consultancy business. Established in 2008, as a division of Joe’s farm produce limited, hydroscape (pacific) limited has rapidly developed a remarkable reputation centering on unmatched reliability and quality in every landscaping, consultancy, or supply project which it has undertaken. Our multi-step methodical process coupled with our highly qualified team of consultant landscapers ensures that every avenue relating to your project is duty covered. Hydroscape as an expansive collection of exotic plants, which are bred in the most natural of rainforest environment bringing the exotic beauty of the rainforest right to your door.

With unrivaled levels of experience in their field hydroscape (pacific) limited encompasses the true virtues of tireless dedication and commitment in their work ethics, which is accomplished by ensuring that each and every one of hydroscape project is completed to perfection. We strive to offer informative consultancy advice pertaining to individual projects and we go to great lengths to ensure that the execution of the project is to the client’s vision and specifications.

If you have question or are seeking advice on your landscaping needs please contact us for an initial consultation because we guarantee that our down to “earth” manner generates a genuine solution for your landscaping requirements.

About  Hydroscape

Hydroscape (pacific) limited was established in 2008 as an affiliate of Joe’s Farm Produce Limited and professionally specializes in all aspects of hydroponics, landscaping, construction and consultancy. Our levels of expertise joes2.jpggo unmatched whereby we engage trustworthy commitment and attention to detail in all stages of our operational plan; right through comprehensive consultancy planning meticulous design and resolute execution. At Hydroscape (pacific) limited we selectively employ a network of highly competent farmers to reliably supply us with an assortment of exotic plants, seeding and root crops; with the highest possible standards accordingly laid down for procuring our products. Hydroscape also demonstrates a loyal obligation to the local agriculture industry in FIJI through the employment of numerous locals to ensure the day to day functioning of our private nursery in  Colo-i-Suva as well as through the recruitment of the several local  farmers as that of our trusted national supplies. With considerable development since 2008, Hydroscape is nationally renowned from the reliability and efficiency it demonstrates in supplying farmers and cultivators around the country with agricultural fertilizers, nutrients and additional products which basically have anything to do with soil. Hydroscape also sources hydroponically grown farm fresh produce to one of its parent companies Joe’s Farm Supplies, which then exports this quality produce to the big offshore market players  such as Hakka Propriety Limited in Australia and New Zealand. In this regard Hydroscope (Pacific) Limited in partnership with its associate company Joe’s Farm Supplies is proud to be a major contributor to the local and international food industry; and accomplishment which  has inevitably made this entire organization one of the largest retailers and distributors of tropical farm fresh made this entire organization one of the largest retailers and distributors of tropical farm fresh produce in the south western Pacific region.

Some of our greater successes include the installation and implementation of a fully functional hydroponics system on Laucala Island. This mile stone achievement features some of our best work yet and is a tribute to our long standing commitment, whereby hydroscope (Pacific) Limited provided complete in-house training to local on Laucala Island in order to endure the competent management and running of their own hydroponics system. Additionally, Hydroscope  (Pacific) Limited has also seem to the successful development of a fully-fledged Hydroponics system at City Farm Limited

Products and Services

joes3.jpgAt Hydroscope ( Pacific) Limited we have a complete range of authenticated services and products which are sure to meet all your landscaping and supply requirements. We provide  preliminary  consultancy and assessment services to determine what exactly needs to be done and how you  the client , want it done. Next we initiate the design process while taking into consideration your  specified preferences and budget. Subsequently, we ultimately unveil a tailor made creation incorporating the clients ideas and vision within its principals basis

Landscaping – When looking for an experienced landscaping specialist, look no further, Hydroscope (Pacific) Limited  are the leading professionals in Fiji when it comes to designing and landscaping. We offer our genuine services to a wide range of clients, from that of modest residential properties to that of larger commercial entities, Hotels and also Shopping complexes. We also design and construct indoor/outdoor hydroponic projects in a contemporary landscaping fashion.

Consultancy – We provide comprehensive consultancy advice to lay the ground work in preparation for the actual designing of general agricultural and infrastructural layouts. Our team of highly qualified consultants  are vastly experienced in their field and will apply their seasoned expertise to create your very own piece of natural aesthetic  wonder.

Assessments – Hydroscape (Pacific) limited also readily provides thorough assessment advice and offers tangible recommendations  for new or old projects. We are more then willing to interact with our clients to formulate and discuss credible options and concepts pertaining to the designing of new gardens, or for augmenting and establishing new plants.

Irrigations- We at Hydroscape (Pacific) Limited also specialize in the setting up of general irrigation infrastructure. This option has been proven to generate great benefits , particularly  for clients  in the western division  and serves as a reliable countermeasure and failsafe for protecting precious crops

Customized Construction – Here at  Hydroscape   we construct A- Frame structures to any specification. Our methods involve closely liaising with the client so as to determine the exact required volume and working budget andjoes4.jpg the creating a custom made product  based on these specifications.

Garden Supplies  and Seedling – Hydroscape (Pacific) Limited are also renowned residential and commercial suppliers  of nutrients , Fertilizers, exotic plants   and seedling for garden plants and vegetables with the Fiji Islands. We make it our utmost priority to full fill your requests, be it for that of a rare exotic plant, or for conventional crop seedlings.

Management and Maintenance – When dealing with us you can expect full support services and maintenance options for your landscaped area or established hydroponics system, we make it our personal duty to keep your particular project in immaculate condition, with the help of our trained and experienced maintenance team. Call us today and we’ll have you up and running in no time.

What makes Hydroscape (Pacific) different from outer industry players ?

When deliberating over choosing an experienced and qualified  hydroponics landscaper to develop your project you may wonder, “ why should Hydroscape (Pacific) Limited be the number one choice on  my list ?” Well, the discerning and clinching fact lies primarily in the uniquely nurtured quality of our product, As well as in that of  our ineffably superior customer service and reliably trustworthy after sales maintenance .

joes5.jpgWe at Hydroscape (Pacific) Limited recognize the importance of rearing and fostering our plant products in a natural environment and the vastly favorable effect it has on the quality our product. Therefore, we  hydroponically cultivate our plants and fresh produce in a naturally ideal rainforest environment which is guaranteed to be conducive to successful establishment in each of our client’s projects. Additionally , when you work with us  we are entirely willing to provide our valued clients with complete  in-house training, in order to cover aspects relating to maintenance and the general running of their systems.

At Hydroscape (Pacific) Limited we diligently care for  the environment, with this commitment being one of the underlying driving forces behind the inception  of our environmentally –friendly hydroponics farming venture. This outstanding agricultural venture has  major  benefits for the environment, whereby  hydroponics farming produces very minimal effluent with the added fertilizers and chemicals being retained with the self-contained system itself. Furthermore, the soil-less agro farming establishment promotes the use of idle natural water sources and land without polluting or damaging the surrounding ecosystems. We at Hydroscape (Pacific) realize the immense potential for growth of the Fijian economy and understand the Fiji’s tropical climate which varies from high rainfall in the east to a arid conditions in the west is highly favorable for the commercial growing of a wide variety of hydroponics products . Through our feasible venture we ultimately believe that our efforts will work to consolidate and supplement the Fijian economy through increased investment and export.

Here at Hydroscape (Pacific) limited we try harder to provide an array of services which significantly increases customer conveniences. Pursuant to this, we take  great pride in having  the stout capacity to cater to requirements which have “ anything” to do with soil.  We specialize in the distribution of various blends of nutrients and fertilizers as well as in providing our residential and commercial customers with highly viable plant or vegetable seedling which are carefully nurtured in our own private nursery in Colo-i-Suva. In this way, Hydroscape (Pacific) Limited should undoubtedly be your number one choice when it comes  to procuring garden supplies